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10ft, 20ft & 40ft Reefer (Fridge and Freezer) Containers


At DC-Supply, we can deliver 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft reefer containers.

These are particularly useful for storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, and are often the ideal solution for events, kitchens, and grocery stores where extra cooling is needed. Our reefer containers come with CSC approval, insulation, and a freezer unit for transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods. Also, they are provided with a pre-trip inspection (PTI), i.e. the unit is tested and adjusted as required before delivery from the depot. Some reefers are available with cooling compartment doors, and are in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 784 AF10 / 11 1999 for emergency exits in freezers.

To prevent temperature fluctuations and shutdowns, DC-Supply offers SensorCLIP for temperature monitoring. If temperature changes occur, the system automatically sends an alert via email or SMS. The creation of temperature logs allows for the monitoring of the temperatures.  

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Size guide - Weight & dimensions are approximate

10ft  Length mm: Width mm:  Height mm: 
Exterior: 2991 2438 2591
Interior:  2388 2290 2276
Door Opening:  - 2286 2261
Container Weight: 2030 kg  Max. Load Weight: 12970 kg Load Capacity: 12.4 m3 Floor Area: 5.4 m2
20ft Length mm: Width mm: Height mm:
Exterior: 6058 2438 2591
Interior: 5520 2160 2260
Door Opening: - 2286 2261
Container Weight: 3000 kg Max. Load Weight: 21000 kg Load Capacity: 32 m3 Floor Area: 13.7 m2
40ft Length mm: Width mm: Height mm:
Exterior: 12192 2438 2591
Interior: 11200 2260 2100 (High Cube: 2410)
Door Opening: - 2286 2261
Container Weight: 4500 kg Max. Load Weight: 26000 kg Load Capacity: 66 m3 Floor Area: 28 m2


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