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Greenland - Housing Center in Nuuk


Customer challenge:

When people in Greenland have problems paying their rent, they can be referred to resettlement and thus avoid being evicted. Families or single people can be accommodated for free or for 50 to 100 kr. per night. This requires that the resettlement center is equipped with the right facilities. The facilities have to be flexible and have the ability to fit varying needs.


DC-Supply delivered nine containers, which were connected in series to a single unit. The containers were produced in our buildings in Nørresundby.  They were insulated in Nørresundby, and CSC approved for transportation to Greenland. The Resettlement Centre in Nuuk contains six bedrooms with space for thirty-six people, toilets, bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, hallway with lockers for personal items, and a guardroom.

The Housing Center arrived as finished containers and could, therefore, be quickly assembled for use so that it could serve as a home for the center's residents and make them feel comfortable during their daily life.

Customer opinion:

"We worked alongside DC-Supply to create a solution that quickly and effectively solved our lack of facilities."


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