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Kitchen containers

The possibilities are endless With a kitchen container from DC-Supply A / S. For us, it’s not just a kitchen, but also the possibility of calculating warehouse and canteen facilities, as well as fridge and freezer – or what about a shelter for goods receipt?

Is the need in the direction of a really large kitchen, we assemble and combine several kitchen containers into one single solution. Thus, for example, we are deliverable in a mobile special solution that can spice up to 400 men – at one time!

Whether it is a small or large kitchen container, we always deliver a solution that is fully equipped with professional kitchen equipment, tailored to your unique needs. We assume that kitchen staff should be able to move and work as well as they would do in their home-style kitchen.

DC-Supply A / S has supplied kitchen containers to several private companies and public institutions. When it comes to creating the optimal frames and durable special container solutions, we have the experience and expertise, both in terms of daily use, cleaning and maintenance, but also in terms of economy and cost-effectiveness. We are happy to share our knowledge, so you are always welcome to contact us for further information or guidance on your project.
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