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Theft protection

At DC-Supply, we offer two new lock fittings, approved by Grade 5. Both offer an effective locking mechanism for containers, and are a relatively simple, yet safe security system that ensure that the cargo is well protected.


Consists of an internal locking mechanism with a steel bar mounted on the inside of the container, and a Grade 5 approved lock with a handle that pushes the steel bar back and forth on the outside of the container. After locking the container, you remove the handles and key to remove any break-in possibilities.

Birepo's internal locking mechanism gives you the best protection of your goods against burglary and unwelcome guests. The confidence in the locking mechanism is so great that some insurance companies will reduce or completely remove deductibles on your goods if this locking mechanism is mounted.

The price for Birepo's internal locking mechanism and a highly secure solution: kr. 5.900 + installation kr. 1.000

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A locking bracket that is mounted on the outside of the container. The lock is mounted in the bracket with the ability to create system keys for your own key system. The fitting is compatible with the majority of key systems. The locking mechanism is easy to install, provides an effective locking mechanism for containers, and is a relatively simple security system that ensures that the container cargo is optimally protected.

The locking mechanism is designed so that the key cannot be removed until it is locked. With this safety function and approval of the new insurance requirements on Jan. 1, 2016, you are provided with the optimal protection of your goods against burglary and unwelcome guests.

Price for Mavako's lock fittings and a very secure solution: kr. 2.500 + installations kr. 350

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On January 1, 2016 shall rule changes for approval of locking bracket for container in force.

The most common lock fittings today are red SKAFOR-approved locking bars, but with recent rule changes the class certification is extended to a higher level. The new top class certification is Grade 5. The changing of rules has an effect on the requirements of insurance companies. From 1 January 2016 some insurance companies will only approve the new Grade 5 class certification.

Container alarm:

DC-Supply has developed a portable container alarm, the alarm is constructed with magnets and gives you an extra safety in securing your cargo.

  • The alarm is mounted on the ceiling and the door alarm installed in side top rails, both with magnets
  • The alarm will run on A standard batteries with a life span of one year
  • The alarm is controlled on the Internet, where you can choose interval where the alarm should not active, e.g. 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • The alarm runs on a SIM card that is embedded in the PCB, the alarm has no fixed provider, but always use the strongest available signal.
  • If the container door is opened outside the set time, the alarm can be set up for SMS or mail alert up to five people.

The price of container alarm and an extra safe solution: kr. 2,300 + 39 kr. per. month.

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