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DC-Supply’s competencies are based on a high level of technical know-how, superior workmanship, and unique customer service.

DC-Supply produces and sells mobile container solutions for civilian and military markets around the world. The company also acts as a sales agency for a number of different products. Our solutions can be everything from standard container solutions to customized solutions based primarily on containers or agency goods.


The results are highly diverse - a mobile kitchen, crew accommodation, pavilions, as well as standard and customized container solutions. All tailored to our customers’ individual needs. We will relate to our customers' challenges and help find the optimal solution, based on our extensive experience, know-how, and technical skills.      


DC-Supply’s core competencies have their starting point at a high level of technical know-how, superior workmanship, and unique customer service. These we constantly strive to update and develop further, so we, in the future, can continue to develop new and innovative solutions. We work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver a solution that is smart, innovative, and cost effective, and matches their needs.


DC-Supply’s core competencies are based on a high degree of technical knowledge. The company consists of a strong team of engineers, building technicians, draughtsmen, smiths, carpenters, and administrative workers. Their professionalism and abilities make DC-Supply able to produce and construct custom-built containers at a high technical level.



DC-Supply is known for providing superior workmanship. We set high standards for quality management and meet quality certification ISO 9001. Our experienced staff construct customized containers based on our customers' individual needs.



At DC-Supply we strive to provide a unique customer service, with a constant focus on internal development and our employees competencies. We follow up on every job to ensure the solution is right for the customer's needs.


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