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20ft & 40ft Containers
At DC-Supply, we can deliver both new and used standard containers, respectively. 20 and 40ft ISO with CSC approval. The containers are well designed and built to withstand many years of use. The containers can be delivered with your logo and in particular colors for large orders.

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Flat Rack 20ft & 40ft Containers
The Flat Rack standard 20ft or 40ft ISO container with CSC approval is particularly suitable for oversized cargo. The container is provided with gables allowing it to be loaded from the top or the sides. Flat Rack containers are available in both fixed and collapsible sides. The containers are available in several colors and with your logo.

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20ft & 40ft High Cube Containers
20ft and 40ft high cube containers have approximately 30 cm of extra height to offer. Where a standard container has a maximum height of 2591 mm (8ft, 6ft), the high cube container has a maximum height of 2896 mm (9'6"). Supplied in both used and new models. New containers come in several colors.

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Insulated (2062)
A standard 20ft and 40ft insulated steel container ensures that your products are kept dry all winter without being exposed to condensation, even under extreme temperatures. Do you need extra storage capacity to store moisture and temperature sensitive goods, DC-Supply will assist you with the best solution. After refurbishment the containers come re-certified for maritime transport/CSC approval.

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10ft, 20ft & 40ft Reefer (Fridge and Freezer) Containers
At DC-Supply, we can deliver 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft reefers. These are particularly useful when it comes to the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive goods, and are often the ideal solution for places where additional cooling is need, such as festivals, events, kitchens, and grocery stores.

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20ft & 40ft Open Top Container
Our standard 20ft and 40ft open top containers with CSC approval are particularly suitable for loading cargo with excess height. Open top containers are provided with a removable tarp that allows for loading from the top. The container can be delivered according to your specific requirements, and can be ordered in various colors and with your logo.

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Container platform 20 & 40 ft
The platform standard, available in 20ft or 40ft ISO containers with CSC approval, does not have sides, ends, or a roof. They are therefore used to transport oversized cargo that does not fit in the other container types. The platform standard container often has a higher load capacity than other container types.

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