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SensorCLIP SC100 can measure the fluctuations in current temperatures and alarms you by SMS and mail. It is particularly suitable in connection with self-monitoring of food or the likes.

The sensorCLIP SC100 is an alarm which is clipped on top of a cable that you wish to monitor. The alarm can measure if the voltage disappears on 220-400 volt supplies. For example if the power is cut off to your container or motor protection to the compressor, the alarm will respond and will notify you accordingly via SMS or email.

SensorCLIP SC100 is battery powered and uses 3 x AA batteries, which are also monitored. A notification is sent when the batteries need changing. The battery life is between 6-24 months depending on the use of the temperature alarm. The built-in temperature alarm will notify you if the refrigerator heats up above acceptable levels, allowing you to respond before any damage is done. The alarm temperature setting is performed online through a user login, giving the specified minimum and maximum values ​​for temperature. 

If the temperature moves up above or below these values, you receive the SMS and Mail Alert. The alarm logs the temperature every 10 minutes. This data can be exported to Excel as documentation. The alarm has a built-in SIM card that supports TDC, Telenor and Telia.



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