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New rules for container locks

DC-Supply is ready to help find your new container lock.

The rules regarding locking mechanisms for containers officially changed on January 1, 2016.


During the transitional period from January 1 to December 31, 2016, locking mechanisms registered under the old system could keep their certification. However, from January 1, 2017, all locking mechanisms, new and existing, must be registered and certified according to the new standards.


The color-coding system related to STM was replaced by the European standard, which assesses the locking mechanism for a minimum of eight parameters. This means the color-coding is replaced by the category locking unit I-IV, which is a new collective description for locking mechanisms. This means extra care must be taken to pick the correct roman numeral when choosing a lock for your container.


A locking mechanism consists of three components: A cylinder, a lockbox, and a mount. For each of these components, insurance companies are setting minimum requirements at every level of insurance. These requirements are defined by three parameters:

  • The number of test cycles
  • Key security
  • Safety against breaching

The higher the safety level, the higher the requirements. In the table underneath, the new security levels are paired with the new identification for the locking mechanisms:


Security level

New identification


Locking unit I


Locking unit I


Locking unit II


Locking unit III


Locking unit IV


Locking unit IV


It should be noted that it is possible to combine mechanical lock components with electronic ones, and still have a locking mechanism that fulfills the requirements according to the security levels. A locking unit can now be combined of:

  • A EN 1303-tested cylinder, or a EN 15684-tested mechatronic cylinder
  • A 12209-tested lockbox, or a EN 14846-tested electromechanical lockbox
  • A EN 1906-tested mount

The certification agency has to be credited to supply the certificate based on the test score of the locking units. If in doubt, DC-Supply recommends you contact your insurance company to enquire who qualifies as a certified agency.

DC-Supply stocks a number of internal and external container locks and mounts that are all certified to the highest security level (IV).

We also offer flexible lock mountings, which do not require tools for installation.

Feel free to contact us for guidance or advice when you need new locks for your containers.


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