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Model 1 - Front-mounted straight stair with ledge in front

Model 2 - Side mounted with handrail and ledge in front

Model 3 - Side mounted with handrail and ledge on the front

Model 4 - Front-mounted staircase with ledge in front

Model 5 - Side-mounted staircase with ledge

Model 6 - Mounted between two stationary containers

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A staircase fitted for our containers is a flexible and secure solution for easy access when the containers are stacked. DC-Supply's specially developed stair systems are designed with a focus on security and ease of use.

With DC-Supply's professional aluminum staircases, you have six configurations, where all your needs for accessing high places are covered. The staircase is easy to install and can be set up by two men in 20 minutes without any special tools.


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