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Special Cases

10ft InfoPoint Container for Aalborg Municipality
A mobile container solution with flat-screen TVs and internet connection
20ft Gas Supply Unit
The gas unit was designed based on the customer's drawings, and was provided with a gas-tight divided wall. The customer requested an optimal solution that would ensure the safety of their equipment.
40ft Heating Station
The customer needed a solution in which two large boilers could be installed in their production hall.
40ft Special Container for the Danish Sailing Association
For the 2016 Olympics in Rio, DC-Supply built a 40ft special container for the Danish Sailing Association.
40ft Welfare Container for Fish Farm
The customer raised farmed salmon, and needed a welfare facility at their new location in the Faroe Islands.
ATM Machine
The “Money-containers" were constructed with built-in ATMs that can be used at music festivals, events, etc.
Backstage Container at the Danish Royal Theatre
When the Danish Royal Theatre runs performances outdoors in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen every four years, particular challenges follow.
Changing Room Container with Cladding
In connection with salmon rearing on the Faroe Islands, DC-Supply designed and produced four interconnected 20ft changing room containers with cladding.
The customer had to provide classrooms for EUC Nord. This problem was solved through the use of DC-supply’s containers.
Classrooms solutions from DC Supply
DC-Supply delivered a complete, ready for occupancy, modular, mobile workshop for training and education of Vestas' technicians worldwide. The workshops were placed mostly in China and Australia.
Color Line - Pizza Wagon
Color Line was missing a mobile cooling storing solution for the kitchens onboard their ferries between Hirtshals and Kristiansand.
Communications Systems
DC-Supply delivered customized 10ft containers to System Teknik. The containers were converted into communication systems in close collaboration between System Teknik and DC-Supply.
Container Accommodations
Bane Denmark's responsibilities consist of maintenance, renewal, and expansion of the railway network. For this work, train cars are obviously needed to transport the workers and equipment to the places where the rail network is to be repaired and serviced.
Container Housing for Students
Customizable container student housing by DC-Supply
Container Shop/Stand with Changeable Theme
DC-Supply is the obvious choice when one is in need of the facilities for a shop/stand.
Crew Accomodation
Entrepreneur Villy Poulsen needed a long-lasting solution in the form of residencies for his employees when they were on long-term assignments.
Dehumidifier System
The customer wanted a mobile dehumidifier system for the testing of products before shipment to their respective destinations.
Denmark's Biggest Stage Wall
The Jean Michel Jarre AERO concert in Northern Jutland in 2002 was a tribute to windmills, and was therefore located at a wind turbine park in an open field. It was in a marsh-like area, so when building a scene wall, calculations of wind pressure on both sides had to be made.
Divided Service Container
DC-Supply delivered a custom-built 20ft divided service container. This unit is adapted to the customer's specific requirements. The container is part of a series of service and cleaning units, which is shipped on trucks around the Nordic countries.
Diving Platform for Halsskov Færgehavn
In cooperation with architects, DC-Supply constructed a 9-meter-high diving platform for Halsskov Færgehavn’s new watersport center.
Emergency Container
The fire and rescue center is in need of more capacity to solve many of their tasks.
Exhibition Container
Copenhagen Municipality contacted DC-Supply to rebuild a container into a mobile showcase.
Exhibition Container
Skanderborg Municipality wanted to make themselves more available to their residents; therefore, they requested an exhibition room in which politicians and citizens can have an open dialog
Exhibition Container for Opel Denmark
Opel Denmark participates in a series of sports and motorsports events across Denmark. Their marketing department was in need of a portable exhibition stand that could be easily transported around the country.
Exhibition stand - a unique solution
DC-Supply has the innovative solution for your exhibition stand!
Extension of Technical Room
DC-Supply constructed a 10ft container with insulated panels. The technical room can be adapted as desired to accommodate all types of technical installations. 
Fishing Plants in Containers
The customer needed a process and sorting unit for a fishing vessel. The equipment had to be mounted when the particular fishing season begins. The solution was built in containers.
Fitness Pavilions
The customer needed to create a space for young people with the capacity for fitness equipment. The pavilion had to be located near the school with easy access to the premises.
The new funhouse had to be economically sustainable, but also provide the guests with a great experience.
Generator Container
DC-Supply supplied eight purpose-built 20ft containers, which had been prepared for the installation of PM Energy generator sets.
Greenland - Housing Center in Nuuk
DC-Supply delivered nine containers, which were connected in a series to a single unit.
Halifax Burger Circus
DC-Supply has created a travelling burger bar for Halifax Burgers!
Homeless Shelter in Nuuk
The shelter is intended for people without homes, who need be housed on a day-to-day basis.
Hydraulic Container
A hydraulic container solution from DC-Supply could be your next sales container.
Incinerator Container - Atlas
The customer needed a solution for the incineration of waste and waste oil.
Insulated Container
Over an extended period, Trip Trap lacked storage capacity. To solve this problem, DC-Supply provided Trip Trap with a 10ft ISO steel container with CSC approval.
Kitchen and Canteen Solution at DC Supply A/S
The customer lacked a kitchen and canteen solution. It was, therefore, necessary to find a solution for 200+ people. They needed a temporary canteen and meeting and conference facilities for twelve months in central Copenhagen with very limited space available.
Locker Rooms
The customer required staff facilities, a warehouse, and a laboratory.
Mobile Engine Room Simulator
Technology, Management, and Marine Engineering students at Martec in Frederikshavn and Fredericia Maskinmesterskole can look forward to a whole new concept in their education.
Mobile Packing Container
A container solution with 3x40ft high cube containers outfitted as a mobile milk powder packing facility.
Mobile Salmon Slaughterhouse
DC-Supply provided a mobile salmon slaughterhouse, which could be moved from farms to fish farms.
Mobile Stage in Repurposed Shipping Container
Thanks to Himmerlands Boligforening, Kulturhuset Trekanten in Aalborg Øst now has a combined mobile stage-and-practice solution.
Mobile Test Station
Meneta's challenges emerged from the lack of facilities in their overseas factories. They lacked equipment for product testing and safety checks. The solution had to be simple, convenient, portable, easy, and quick to erect.
Moveable Special Container to House Whale Skeleton for Nordsøen Oceanarium
On Tuesday February 23, 2016, a fin whale was found beached in Blokhus. Starting Saturday October 15, 2016, it is possible to see the skeleton up close in a display-container specially built by DC-Supply.
Multimedia Container
Proshop's challenge was to find a way in which a touch screen of 2.5x12 m could stand out at night at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen, and be freely available to tourists during the daytime.
Offshore Container
The customer needed a solution for service building containers with offshore approval.
Petroleum Gas Container
Aalborg Municipality had a specific challenge with regards to the lack of facilities for liquefied petroleum gas.
Production Facilities for Havsbrun, Faroe Islands
Havsbrun in the Faroe Islands needed additional facilities for the storage of their industrial water filters.
Reefer (Refrigerator and Freezer) Container
When Fjord Line's new ferry is leaving the dock in Hirtshals, DC-Supply helps ensure that the cold drinks and the clean linens are on time.
Residential Container
DC-Supply delivered a specially designed 20ft insulated ISO residential container. The result was an accommodation and office container, which was a simple and flexible solution to the lack of space for both short and long periods of time.
Rigg Project
The assignment was a major refurbishment of the drilling rig, a task that would take between 2-3 months and provide extra work for 600 men.
Sanitation and safety containers
DC-Supply A/S produces and delivers sanitation and safety containers with first aid equipment customizable to your own preference.
School Kitchen
When Hjørring's production school's kitchen and welfare facilities had to be expanded and renovated over a five-month period, the students from the kitchen education needed a place to make lunch for all students and staff.
Self-Sufficient Toilet Container
DC-Supply has designed and manufactured a 20ft self-sufficient toilet container.
Service Container
Total Wind is a company that solves problems worldwide. They were in need of housing for their employees and storage facilities for equipment.
Specialty container with an integrated salmon processing plant for the Faroe Islands
DC-Supply has delivered yet another mobile salmon processing plant for the Faroe Islands - this time for HiddenFjord.
Technique Container
Rolls-Royce Marine needed special facilities that could serve as a control room to a winch on one of AP Moller Maersk's ships. They needed a special solution that could be prepared on shore and transported by ship.
Technology Container
The customer was tasked to deliver smoke and gas measurement equipment for a power plant in Lebanon. It had to be safe, sound, and an economically sustainable solution to ship the order all the way to the Middle East.
Temporary Classrooms solutions
Aalborg Municipality was in charge of renovating Vejgaard School because of mold, which created an immediate shortage of facilities.
Temporary Kitchen and Canteen
Building contractors need to service around 350 people on a daily basis. This became problematic due to the construction of a new canteen and kitchen building.
Temporary Kitchen Extension and Mobile Kitchens
At Skansebadet in Nørresundby, they were in need of a larger kitchen. In collaboration with DC-Supply, they were supplied with a kitchen module which was built together with the existing building.
Test Container for Ballast Water Treatment
DC-Supply Constructed a 20ft container with re-certified CSC-approval. The container can accommodate even the most advanced systems and ship them around the world.
Toilet Container
Permagreen needed toilet facilities for their construction projects in Greenland. It had to be a practical mobile solution that was also designed to withstand Greenland’s temperature and weather conditions.
TV2 Studio
A container solution gave TV2 the facilities they needed as well as an attractive and stylish studio that fit into Tivoli’s special surroundings.
Two 20ft Control Units
The customer requires a complete control unit for controlling the factory.
Visitor centre Sikuki Nuuk Harbour
DC-Supply delivers the new visitor centre welcoming cruise ships at the Sikuki Nuuk Harbour in Greenland.
Welcome Area at the Port of Aalborg
When cruise ships arrive at Aalborg, a unique vision awaits them. In collaboration with DC-Supply, a new welcome area was produced, which consists of four containers covered with wood, 200 meters of fence, and shelter in the form of a sail.
Welding container for pipe-work
14ft container fitted as a welding container for pipe-work
Welfare and Residential Room
DC-Supply designed and delivered many residential, service, and welfare modules for Maersk rigs, such as cable installment and supply ships. All based on 20ft ISO containers specifically designed for shipping.
Wind Turbine Test Station
Although the testing site was almost permanent, it is not legal to construct a permanent building for the task on the location. In that situation, containers can be extremely useful to work with.
Workshop Container
DC-Supply delivered 10ft and 20ft containers that can be outfitted with special equipment, cranes, and other auxiliary necessities to solve the assignment externally.
20ft Cooler Containers with Solar Panels and a Battery
The cooler container is designed to be self-sufficient and free from external energy sources and other attachments.
40ft Blending Factory container
DC-Supply delivered a 40ft custom-built container, which was built as a mixing pump system for painting wind turbines in the United States.
40ft Container with a hydraulic side-opening
This year at Roskilde Festival, a 40-foot container from DC-Supply A/S made an appearance.
8ft Technique Container
The customer had problems finding a customized solution for their communication equipment. The unit had to be transported from Denmark to Greenland in a safe and responsible manner. The dimensions and the weight had to be kept at a level, making it possible to carry it up a mountain.
Container for Exhibitions
Test station for alternative energy.
Container for mobile class room
Mobile classroom based on a Prefab 3x7m container.
Container for Mobile Production
DC-Supply specially designed a container solution for mobile production which gave Sintex flexibility in their production.
Container shops
7-Eleven had significant challenges in finding a safe and sound solution where a temporary store could be out at night by Nørreport Station in Copenhagen, while being freely available to customers during the day and evening.
Container with sound insulation
Danvest Energy’s innovative wind and diesel solution is a power compensation for a diesel generator.
Containers for Bicycle Storage
Comwell's challenge was to find a low cost, environmentally friendly solution that would fit into their surroundings.
Containers with Bar and Terrace 20ft
20ft container furnished with a maritime-themed bar. The bar contains taps for beer.
Custom design mobile container workshop
DC-Supply delivered a 40ft insulated ISO workshop container. This type of workshop container is called a "doghouse" within the oil industry.
Dry Container for drying survival suits and work clothes
When the client's employees come to work, facilities have to be available for drying survival suits and work clothes. DC-Supply delivered a robust 20ft ISO container with CSC-approval made to withstand many years of use.
Kitchen and Canteen Mobile Container Project - Custom solution
The Royal Guard's kitchen and canteen facilities had to be renovated over a period of seven months. There was a need for an effective solution. With the help of DC-Supply, they got a temporary solution which consisted of thirteen 20ft modules combined into one kitchen, containing canteen and storage facilities.
Mobile Souvenir Shop – Custom design in container
DC-Supply was able to provide a container that is not just a container, but an "H.C. Andersen store," which was placed on Langelinie quay in Copenhagen.
Mobile container Ice Cream Booth
DC-Supply was commissioned to design a booth for organic ice cream.
Mobile container Office Facilities
In this case our customer was expanding their activities with multiple workstations. For this they needed a solution that could be placed next to the existing office building. Read the entire case here.
Mobile container Sales Shops
Tivoli has seen the potential of using prefab as a flexible and mobile modular system when establishing shops.
Mobile Container Sawmill
Aarsleff faced a significant challenge with the lack of sawmill facilities for construction sites.
Mobile Workshop Container - Custom design
Rolls-Royce Marine A/S is used to solving many tasks. Their technicians and installers are sent out on various types of projects, and they require the right tools. Large projects make it difficult to acquire the necessary equipment on site, or even transport them by hand.
Residential rooms in containers
DC-Supply’s task, was to provide a residential room with a so-called self-sufficient toilet. It should also be able to keep itself warm, even if the thermometer outside shows negative 45 degrees Celsius.
Specially designed dressing room
DC-Supply delivered a specially designed dressing room in the form of six 40ft insulated containers with exterior wood cladding.
Technology Container - mobile
One of Aircold’s biggest challenges was finding something that would be used as a removable technical house.


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