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20ft Cooler Containers with Solar Panels and a Battery


The cooler container is designed to be self-sufficient and free from external energy sources and other attachments.

The container has solar panels mounted on the roof and stores the surplus of energy in a battery, so there is power even when there is no sunshine.

This container is ideal because when the sun is strong, the need for a cooler container is at its highest. Plus, the solar panels shade the roof and sides, further protecting the container from the sun.

During transportation, the solar panels and their fixtures can be placed inside the container. Thereafter, they can be easily mounted with simple tools at the site.

This is a “plug and play” container, meaning is does not need specialists on-site for installation.

Technical info:

Cooler room measurements: 2,2 x 5 x 2,2 m (WxLxH)

20m2 solar panels

Battery with a capacity of 15 kWh

Refrigerator maintains a temperature of 8°C, even when the outside temperature is 40°C

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