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20ft Gas Supply Unit


Customer challenge:

The customer needed a gas unit container. The gas unit was designed based on the customer's drawings, and was provided with a gas-tight divided wall. The customer requested an optimal solution that would ensure the safety of the equipment.


DC-Supply delivered a custom-built 20ft gas unit container. The container solution allows the customer to provide a complete system for remote installation, which is usually plug and play on delivery. In addition, louvers/dampers were installed so, in the event of a release, the gas does not accumulate in the container and thereby endanger the personnel. Access was made through several steel doors of the two compartments. The gas in the first room should in no way be mixed with the gasses in the second room.

  • 20ft specially designed to the customer's standards with specific requirements for surface treatment outside and inside.
  • The container is not insulated.
  • Prepared with louvers/dampers for diversion in case of gas leaks.

Customer opinion:

"All our parameters were met. DC-Supply delivered a simple, straightforward, and mobile solution."


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