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Backstage Container at the Danish Royal Theatre


Customer challenge:

Particular challenges occur when the Danish Royal Theatre runs outdoor performances in the Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen every four years. Dyrehaven is a beautiful natural area, but when it comes to major theatre productions, the space is rather limited. When you add up everything that is needed (e.g. equipment, accessories, and extra facilities), the challenges are quite complicated.   


A container solution proved to be ideal for backstage projects and significant events, such as the Danish Royal Theatre performances in Dyrehaven. DC-Supply built specially equipped containers for this particular purpose. The Royal Theatre got a container solution, which, in addition to meeting their very specific needs, increased safety against vandalism and theft, for example. At the same time, the solution was quick to set up and easy to put into use. Equally important was that the arrangement meant that the actors got the chance to relax and recharge in safe and comfortable surroundings.

When the Royal Theatre moves out into the countryside in Dyrehaven, DC-Supply is in charge of building a small "backstage city" of containers. In a single day, the idyllic park was transformed from nature to a complete theatre. Very few people probably thought about the fact that the actors prepared for their performance in a specially designed container.

Customer feedback:

"The container solution from DC-Supply met all of our needs, and we look forward to working with them in the future." 


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