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Exhibition Container

20ft container with side doors


Customer challenge: 

Skanderborg Municipality wanted to make themselves more available to their residents; therefore, they requested an exhibition room in which politicians and citizens can have an open dialog, for example. The exhibition room needed to be flexible and portable, so it could be used for local events. The container, dubbed the “Community Trailer,” had a spot at the music festival “Smukfest,” where guests could relax in the lounge furniture in front of the container. 


DC-Supply produced a custom-built container that was designed in close collaboration with the client. The fitting and construction of the container was made to be as flexible as possible in order to allow for various uses. 

The exhibition room was built from a standard 20ft insulated container with side doors, and has been equipped with electricity. Glass doors and windows have been inserted on one side of the container, but it has maintained its original doors, so it can be sealed when not in use. 


Customer's requirements:

”The solution must be flexible, portable, and able to be used for various events. ”


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