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Customer challenge:

Aalborg University wanted to attract new students and researchers to their alternative energy program. They had previously been in need of proper promotional material. Therefore, Aalborg University needed a mobile solution that could be used at various events for the presentation and promotion of study cases and field research.


In cooperation with Aalborg University, DC-Supply constructed a custom-built container which made it possible to showcase examples of what students and researchers could be working on when it came to alternative energy.

The container was mounted with internal fuel cells and a wind turbine on the roof. The result was a mobile space in which they could install energy equipment. This was also a solution that could easily be transported from event to event as needed.

The container can be customized to your needs, and is available in various colors and/or with your logo.

Customer feedback:

"In collaboration with DC-Supply, we got a customized solution that met all our requirements – a solution with all the options we wanted." 

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