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Homeless Shelter in Nuuk


Customer challenge: 

When people in the Greenlandic city of Nuuk are without permanent address, they can be housed a shelter. The shelter is intended for people without homes, who need be housed on a day-to-day basis. This requires that the shelter is equipped with the necessary facilities, and that these facilities are flexible and can easily adapt to changing circumstances.


DC-Supply delivered three 20ft and six 40ft HC modular containers. The containers were connected to form a single unit. The containers were produced in our workshops in Nørresundby. They have been covered with an insulating layer. The shelter is built according to Greenlandic construction regulations.

The shelter has bedrooms, toilets, showers, a kitchen, a living room, a hallway with lockers for personal items, and a guard room. The shelter in Nuuk was set up in eight weeks, so that it could function as a home for the occupants and give them a secure day-to-day life.

Customer opinion:

”DC-Supply delivered a customised solution which gave us the facilities we needed. Our wishes were fulfilled in every aspect.” 


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