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Mobile Workshop Container - Custom design



Customer challenge:

Rolls-Royce Marine A/S is used to solving many tasks. Their technicians and installers are sent out on various types of projects and they require the right tools. Large projects make it difficult to acquire the necessary equipment on site or even transport them by hand. This may turn out to be a challenge, which ultimately can delay the project and be associated with unnecessary costs.


Rolls-Royce Marine A/S solved the problem by purchasing a mobile workshop from DC-Supply. The workshop container consisted of an insulated 20ft container with complete electrical installation, which made it flexible and suitable for all the tasks which Rolls-Royce Marine A/S were dealing with. The tools and equipment that were required for the task could easily be adapted to the specific task. This was a simple but perfect solution that was also economically viable.

The workshop container was also CSC-approved for maritime freight.


Customer opinion:

"Our tools and equipment could safely and securely be transported to our projects without major cost or inconvenience."


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