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Customer challenge:

When Tivoli opened for the first time on August 15, 1843, it was named the “Copenhagen Tivoli and Vauxhall” after the theme parks “Jardin de Tivoli” in Paris and “Vauxhall Gardens” in London. Today it is known simply as Tivoli. Tivoli has seen the potential of using prefab as a flexible and mobile modular system when establishing shops. For this reason, DC-Supply has, since October 2003, been collaborating with Tivoli to manufacture the shops for the garden's famous markets, including the popular Christmas market.


DC-Supply delivered a flexible solution based on prefabricated modules, where the wall sections could be replaced if nescessary. The wall sections could be replaced with things such as three-light windows with sliding windows to the sales person, or with just ordinary three-light windows.

All the container’s attire, design, and windows were constructed to create a pleasant and seasonal look for market shops.

DC-Supply and Tivoli have continued their promising collaboration. DC-Supply has delivered many other exciting solutions to the world-famous theme park since 2003.

Customer opinion:

"Our cooperation with DC-Supply has, over time, led to some interesting solutions."


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