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Construction Site Layout
Flexible crew accommodation for construction sites.

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Changing rooms
Construction site layout
Meeting facilities
Classroom in a container
The customer had to provide classrooms for EUC Nord, which they were able to do through the use of DC-Supply’s containers.

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Container Classroom
We were able to produce a temporary school made up of a few classrooms for Aalborg Municipality when Vejgaard School needed to be renovated due to mold.

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Office containers
The customer wanted to expand their activities with multiple workstations, and thus needed a solution that could be placed next to the existing office building.

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DCS-Model 2032
A flexible solution if you’re in need of a temporary accommodation because your current house is under construction or renovation.

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DCS-Model 2081
At DC-Supply, we produce specially modified toilet and bath containers for accommodation.

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Container with Toilet and Shower
DCS-Model 1012
At DC-Supply, we manufacture 10ft ISO toilet containers with two separate toilets/bathrooms.

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Container with Toilet, Bath, and Kitchen
DCS-Model 2031
At DC-Supply, we produce 20ft isolated ISO residential containers with kitchens, showers and toilets.

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Residence Container for Four People
DCS-Model 2051
At DC-Supply, we make custom-designed residence containers for four people, which includes a toilet and shower.

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Office Container with Kitchen
DCS-Model 2044
At DC-Supply, we offer an isolated 20ft ISO one room residence container with a kitchen and many applications.

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Office Container with Kitchenette & Toilet
DCS-Model P-37T
At DC-Supply, we offer a 3 x 7 meter insulated office container with kitchenette and toilet – it has many applications.

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DCS-Model 2082
At DC-Supply, we build residential containers specially equipped with a toilet, shower, and kitchen for family or crew accommodations.

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Residence Container
DCS-Model P-37
This container is practical and well-suited for meetings, conferences, and/or as a canteen on a construction site. It is easy to move as needed.

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Canteen and kitchen containera
DC-Model 091250
At DC-Supply, we produce custom-built containers with a kitchen and temporary canteen.

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Canteen Project
DC-Model 08-5222
At DC-Supply, we produce kitchen and canteen facilities for both leasing and general sales.

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DCS-Model 2042
At DC-Supply, we produce isolated 20ft ISO containers with two windows for many applications.

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DCS-Model 2041
At DC-Supply, we produce isolated 20ft ISO containers with one large room for many applications.

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Residence Container for Eight People
DCS-Model 2052
At DC-Supply, we build specially equipped residence containers for eight people that include toilets, showers, and changing rooms.

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Housing Center in containers
DC-Supply delivered nine containers, which were connected in a series to a single unit.

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Insulated Storage Container
DCS-Model 2062
At DC-Supply, we build specially designed 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft ISO insulated storage containers.

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DCS-Model 2064
An insulated storage container ensures that your products are safe and dry. It is suitable for the storage of moisture and temperature sensitive products.

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Kitchen and Canteen Solution
This solution combines pavilions and DC-Supply's mobile kitchen containers.

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Container accommodation for Refugees or Flexible Student Housing
We offer you a flexible accommodation solution that is efficient, flexible, and cheap solution when high quality residencies are needed. Click below to read more.

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Flexible accommodation
DC-Supply's accommodation solutions have all the necessary facilities.

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Changing Room Container with Cladding
Faroe Islands
In connection with salmon rearing on the Faroe Islands, DC-Supply A/S designed and produced four interconnected 20ft changing room containers with cladding.

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DC-Supply A/S has designed and manufactured a 20ft self-sufficient toilet container.

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Container Complex for 60 People
Conference rooms, showers, toilets, and changing rooms
Custom-built container complex for sixty people. Complies with BR15

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Temporary offices in containers
For the food business Tican, DC-Supply provided temporary office space built from our standard ISO containers.

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The shelter is intended for people without homes, who need be housed on a day-to-day basis.

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Container accommodation for Students
Flexible temporary housing
Customizable container student housing by DC-Supply

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