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At DC-Supply, we produce kitchen and canteen facilities for both leasing and general sales.

If you find yourself in the same situation as the Royal Guards, who needed to renovate their facilities, then DC-Supply can assist and ensure an optimum solution to your needs. The Royal Guards needed to find temporary facilities, so they could continue cooking for themselves. The facilities had to be located close to the barracks, and there had to be the capacity to feed a few hundred men.

With the help of DC-Supply, they got a temporary solution with thirteen 20ft modules combined into one kitchen, containing canteen and storage facilities. The result was a super functional kitchen with goods reception ramp, refrigeration, cold storage, hot kitchen, and a service area with a buffet and a dishwasher container.

The mobile kitchen facilities integrated into ISO containers that made the solution easy to move wherever the job may require.

DC-Model No.: 

Technical specifications: 
Thirteen 20ft modules combined into a single kitchen with office and storage facilities

Built together container units, 10ft fridge-freezer containers, dishwashing container, custom-built containers for buffet, and dining

All kitchen equipment, refrigerated storage, operating area, canteen, and dishwashing container


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