Classroom in a container
The customer had to provide classrooms for EUC Nord, which they were able to do through the use of DC-Supply’s containers.

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Container Classroom
We were able to produce a temporary school made up of a few classrooms for Aalborg Municipality when Vejgaard School needed to be renovated due to mold.

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Office containers
The customer wanted to expand their activities with multiple workstations, and thus needed a solution that could be placed next to the existing office building.

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Mobile classroom containers
DC-Model (DIM) 12-1264
At DC-Supply, we produce custom-built solutions like classrooms built in containers

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Office Container with Kitchen
DCS-Model 2044
At DC-Supply, we offer an isolated 20ft ISO one room residence container with a kitchen and many applications.

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Office Container without Window
DCS-Model 2041
At DC-Supply, we produce isolated 20ft ISO containers with one large room for many applications.

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Mobile container Office Facilities
In this case our customer was expanding their activities with multiple workstations. For this they needed a solution that could be placed next to the existing office building. Read the entire case here.

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Mobile Engine Room Simulator
Technology, Management, and Marine Engineering students at Martec in Frederikshavn and Fredericia Maskinmesterskole can look forward to a whole new concept in their education.

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