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Residential containers

Temporary housing – be it for short or long term stay, often require special solutions. It may be that space for setup is at a minimum, or perhaps the facilities have to be established in an inhospitable area with difficult access – maybe there are specific requirements for both interior design and capacity. No matter what – at DC-Supply, we have a solution, the know how and a great deal of experience creating residential containers, be it fixed or mobile applications.

Bicycle library in a container

Bicycle library in a container

For landscape gardener OKNygaard A/S and architect Thing Brandt Landskab, DC-Supply has built a bicycle library made in a 20 ft high cube container.



A staircase fitted for our containers is a flexible and secure solution when the containers are stacked.

Whether your residential container is to be used in Slagelse, Africa or even north of the Arctic Circle, we can tailor a solution for you at our own workshop. We can equip the container with facilities to connect to the existing supply network, for both electricity, water and sewerage – or we can offer self-sufficient solutions with, for example, solar cells, battery and wastewater collection, all solutions that we have previously supplied to both Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

When comfort is paramount, but production schedule time is tight, a viable and stable solution could be a container based modular construction. Here, our flexible housing solutions already have the necessary facilities, such as kitchen, shower and toilet – but can naturally also be built according to your particular specification, wishes and needs. When there is a need for ready-to-live-in quality housing and residence in containers – a modular construction from DC-Supply is an efficient and inexpensive solution, we also offer the possibility of renting instead of buying as an optional solution.

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