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Service containers

Service containers can come in many sizes and designs. At DC-Supply we have delivered garage installations, test stations, ATMs, generator sets and much, much more. If you have a specific need, we will gladly provide our expertise, advice and guidance for your project.

Custom built bus garage in containers

For Aalborg Municipality’s project about the deployment of driverless buses in Aalborg East, DC-Supply has built a bus garage in special measurement containers.

Wind Turbine Test Station

Although the testing site was almost permanent, it is not legal to construct a permanent building for the task on the location. In that situation, containers can be extremely useful to work with.

Divided Service Container

DC-Supply delivered a custom-built 20ft divided service container. This unit is adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. The container is part of a series of service and cleaning units, which is shipped on trucks around the Nordic countries.

20ft Gas Supply Unit

The gas unit was designed based on the customer’s drawings, and was provided with a gas-tight divided wall. The customer requested an optimal solution that would ensure the safety of their equipment.

Mobile classroom solution

DC-Supply delivered a complete, ready for occupancy, modular, mobile workshop for training and education of Vestas’ technicians worldwide. The workshops were placed mostly in China and Australia.

Container for drying survival suits and work clothes

When the client’s employees come to work, facilities have to be available for drying survival suits and work clothes. DC-Supply delivered a robust 20ft ISO container with CSC-approval made to withstand many years of use.

Service container

Total Wind is a company that solves problems worldwide. They were in need of housing for their employees and storage facilities for equipment.

Mobile Workshop Container – Custom design

Rolls-Royce Marine A/S is used to solving many tasks. Their technicians and installers are sent out on various types of projects, and they require the right tools. Large projects make it difficult to acquire the necessary equipment on site, or even transport them by hand.

Custom built control room for winch

Rolls-Royce Marine needed special facilities that could serve as a control room to a winch on one of AP Moller Maersk’s ships. They needed a special solution that could be prepared on shore and transported by ship.

Cash machine

The “Money-containers” were constructed with built-in cash machines that can be used at music festivals, events, etc.

Generator container

DC-Supply supplied eight purpose-built 20ft containers, which had been prepared for the installation of PM Energy generator sets.

Residential rooms in containers

DC-Supply’s task, was to provide a residential room with a so-called self-sufficient toilet. It should also be able to keep itself warm, even if the thermometer outside shows negative 45 degrees Celsius.

Temporary Kitchen Extension and Mobile Kitchens

At Skansebadet in Nørresundby, they were in need of a larger kitchen. In collaboration with DC-Supply, they were supplied with a kitchen module which was built together with the existing building.

Mobile cooling storage

Color Line was missing a mobile cooling storing solution for the kitchens onboard their ferries between Hirtshals and Kristiansand.

Emergency Container

The fire and rescue center is in need of more capacity to solve many of their tasks.

Container Accommodations

Bane Denmark’s responsibilities consist of maintenance, renewal, and expansion of the railway network. For this work, train cars are obviously needed to transport the workers and equipment to the places where the rail network is to be repaired and serviced.

Service containers typically have to meet a specific technical demand or production need. It can, for example, be in the form of a workshop or as part of a direct production line. We design and build all types of service containers, often based on standard ISO containers, that are then rebuilt and fitted to the customer’s specific needs. Typically, the service container is then delivered as a straight forward “plug-and-play” solution, prepared for installation and connection to existing supply networks on location. Usually the container solution is built to be fully mobile, so as to be transported from one place to another with ease and consequently easily set up and reconnected.

If your service container is to be used offshore, DC-Supply also supplies re-certified containers including CSC approval for shipping. We have for example, delivered a rebuilt container for Rolls Royce Marine that would go on to serve as the control room for a cable winch on board one of A. P. Møller Maersk’s ships.

If you need a service container in connection with production on land or offshore, our experienced team is ready to assist you. We can handle almost any custom wishes, as we have both our own production workshop and in-house technical department with engineers, building designers and technical designers – all working together to constantly and consistently deliver the best result for our customers.

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