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Engineering containers

Over the years, DC-Supply’s workshop has designed and built many different types of engineering containers for use in Denmark, abroad and offshore. If, for example, you require extra workshop capacity or testing facilities, a solution can very likely be found when we collaborate with you and develop a custom solution that meets your company’s specific demands and needs.

Custom built bus garage in containers

For Aalborg Municipality’s project about the deployment of driverless buses in Aalborg East, DC-Supply has built a bus garage in special measurement containers.

Meteorological Container

The meteorology container is a customized standard 20ft container functioning as a communications center and a weather station.

Workshop container for construction site

DC-Supply delivered 10ft and 20ft containers that can be outfitted with special equipment, cranes, and other auxiliary necessities to solve the assignment externally.

Wind Turbine Test Station

Although the testing site was almost permanent, it is not legal to construct a permanent building for the task on the location. In that situation, containers can be extremely useful to work with.

Extension of Technical Room

DC-Supply constructed a 10ft container with insulated panels. The technical room can be adapted as desired to accommodate all types of technical installations.

Control units

The customer requires a complete control unit for controlling the factory.

Fishing Plants in Containers

The customer needed a process and sorting unit for a fishing vessel. The equipment had to be mounted when the particular fishing season begins. The solution was built in containers.

Wind turbine communication systems

DC-Supply delivered customized 10ft containers to System Teknik. The containers were converted into communication systems in close collaboration between System Teknik and DC-Supply.

Mobile Workshop Container – Custom design

Rolls-Royce Marine A/S is used to solving many tasks. Their technicians and installers are sent out on various types of projects, and they require the right tools. Large projects make it difficult to acquire the necessary equipment on site, or even transport them by hand.

Custom built control room for winch

Rolls-Royce Marine needed special facilities that could serve as a control room to a winch on one of AP Moller Maersk’s ships. They needed a special solution that could be prepared on shore and transported by ship.

Generator container

DC-Supply supplied eight purpose-built 20ft containers, which had been prepared for the installation of PM Energy generator sets.

8 ft technical container for insulated storage

The customer had problems finding a customized solution for their communication equipment. The unit had to be transported from Denmark to Greenland in a safe and responsible manner. The dimensions and the weight had to be kept at a level, making it possible to carry it up a mountain.

Technical container

The customer was tasked to deliver smoke and gas measurement equipment for a power plant in Lebanon. It had to be safe, sound, and an economically sustainable solution to ship the order all the way to the Middle East.

Mobile Packing Container

A container solution with 3x40ft high cube containers outfitted as a mobile milk powder packing facility.

Technology container

One of Aircold’s biggest challenges was finding something that would be used as a removable technical house.

No matter if you need a fixed or mobile solution, we can tailor a custom technology container for your project, designing and integrating special tools, cranes or other aids – enabling you to better solve tasks internally as well as externally. Our extensive experience with the production of mobile container solutions that can easily be transported over long distances and adapted to use from location to location, helps us deliver the solution that you need. A few examples worth mentioning – we have supplied mobile salmon slaughterhouses to the Faroe Islands, a mobile milk packaging plant to Africa, as well as flue-gas measuring equipment to a power plant in Lebanon.

An engineering container can also be a cost-effective solution when it is not permitted to construct or erect a permanent building for the given task at the location. This is often the case when some kind of test station is needed for a project – this could be for wind turbines, water purification or similar for example.

At DC-Supply we have the experience and expertise to advise and guide your project. No matter the size – if you need an engineering container, the first step towards a sensible and cost effective solution is to contact our sales department and learn more about the almost endless possibilities and solutions that we can provide!

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