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Dry room container for the Danish army

When army employees are away at work, there must be facilities for drying clothes, uniforms and work clothes.
Tørrecontainer til forsvaret
Tørrecontainer til forsvaret - indretning
Tørrecontainer til forsvaret anlæg
When employees are away at work, there must be facilities for drying regular clothes, uniforms and work clothes. For this reason, a solution was needed where the employees themselves could regulate humidity and heat levels. The requirements for ventilation, equipment, and for the hanging of uniforms would also have to be met in order for the clothes and uniforms to be dried in an efficient and responsible manner.

DC-Supply delivered thirteen robust 20ft ISO containers with CSC approval, which are made to withstand years of use. The containers were specially designed by request, and were equipped with humidity and heat controls for drying clothes. An efficient dehumidifier was installed with a heavy fan for circulating air and a humidistat for controlling dehumidification. The containers were delivered with wooden floors.

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