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6 ft containers

DC-Supply A/S offers 6 ft containers that are useful for many purposes and in many industries and areas. The containers have fork pockets and are thus very easy to handle, for example on construction sites and warehouses.

Characteristic of 6-ft containers from DC-Supply A / S is the high quality and robust design that allows the containers to withstand years of diligent use. The typical application for this type of container takes place at construction sites or as additional storage capacity. In the case of international transport – for example by truck or ship traffic – the containers are particularly well-suited, as the forks, besides raising handleability, also have a great impact on both safety and flexibility.

You can get 6 ft containers new or used. If you choose a new container, you can choose from several colours, just as we offer to deliver the container with your own logo.

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6 ft containers for many purposes

At DC-Supply, we always have 6 ft containers either in stock or on the way, these containers are therefore almost always ready to be delivered at very short notice. If you suddenly find yourself in need of additional storage space or facilities, we are able to act and provide a solution within a very short period of time. You can either buy or rent 6 ft containers – also for shorter periods if needed.

6 ft containers can be used alone or in mini sets with other 6 ft containers, 8 ft and/or 10 ft containers. The containers are stackable and can be connected together, making them highly adaptable – usable even in places with tight space constraints. This also makes them especially efficient at storing tools and other equipment on construction sites. Even though our 6 ft container takes up less than 2 meters both in length and width, you still get just about 10 m3 space – small on the outside, large on the inside.

If you would like to know more about 6 ft containers, or learn more about our current delivery time, please contact our experienced staff. We are always ready to help you!

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