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8 foot containers

8 foot containers are useful in many industries and for many purposes. In storage facilities and on construction sites, a container with fork pockets, for example, is easy as well as and safe in daily handling.

High quality and robust design are features of 8 foot containers from DC-Supply A/S. The containers can withstand years of diligent use, whether you choose a new or used model. Typically, this type of container is used on construction sites or as extra storage capacity, but is also very suitable for transport of goods, by truck or ship, both nationally and internationally. Safety and flexibility are top notch, and fork pockets are instrumental in raising mobility.

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DC-Supply delivers new and used 8 foot containers. When you choose a new container, it is possible to choose from several colours, but also to have the container delivered with your own logo. You can choose from the colours blue (ral 5003), black (ral 9005), anthracite (ral 7016) or red (ral 3001).

8 foot containers we always have in stock or on the way to our workshop. Therefore, DC-Supply A / S can deliver your container quickly, even when it comes to remedying an urgent need for additional storage space, – you just have to decide whether to buy or rent.

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