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High Cube containers

High-cube containers from DC-Supply A / S have extra height to offer – for example, for the 20 ft and 40 t models, it means a whole 30 centimeter extra height compared to a standard container of the same foot size. When there is a need for transport or storage of goods at extra height, a high cube container is thus an ideal solution.

We offer both standard container models and offshore as well as offshore side door models within high cube containers. The standard models are delivered in either 20 ft or 40 ft, where the offshore model is only supplied in 20 ft size. The offshore double-door container is also delivered in 20 ft size. Offshore container is approved according to guidelines made in IMO MSC / Circ. 860 and is also in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 certification for offshore containers.

With a high cube container, you will get significantly more load capacity in the container than with a standard height container. For a 20 ft model, for example, it is more than 5 m3 of larger capacity.

DC-Supply delivers new and used high cube containers. New containers can be delivered in several colours, and you can get the container with your company’s own logo. With us, it is also possible to rent or buy your container solution.

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