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Insulated storage container 20 ft – DCS 2064

Buy an insulated storage container model DCS 2064 from DC-Supply – ONLY DKK 29,800

DCS 2064 interior measurements
5675 mm2152 mm2276 mm
Insulated storage container DCS 2064 - only DKK 29,800
Insulated storage container DCS 2064 - only DKK 29,800
Insulated storage container DCS 2064 - only DKK 29,800
Say hello to the winter season with a 20-foot insulated container from DC-Supply – so your goods are kept dry and safe, even when it gets really cold. We currently have several of our DCS 2064 models in stock for immediate delivery at a really competitive price: ONLY DKK. 29.800, – If you need to keep goods dry and safe without being exposed to condensation – even at high temperature fluctuations – an insulated DC-Supply storage container is a flexible and cost-effective solution. In addition to use for storage of goods or expansion of storage facilities, an insulated storage container is also very suitable for establishing workshop conditions on e.g. a construction site. We also offer custom built and/or modified insulated storage containers – for example with shelves and hangers, radiators, lights or ventilation etc. We provide a wide container accessories program, and we also have a large selection of insurance-approved locking systems that give you a really good anti-theft protection. Contact us today if you want to buy an insulated storage container for only DKK 29,800. We have several models in stock for immediate delivery.

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