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Ammunition Container

DC-Model Nr. (DIM):

DCS 60660 

Technical specifications:  

20ft ISO container


Storage of ammunition


Built-in electric installation and electronics in accordance with the Machinery Directive




The ammunition container is based on a 20ft side and ends door container. The container is custom built to store ammunition under high-security requirements. It is designed with a large storage area with access from the end and side wall. There is a technical room with diverse connectivity options and exterior access in the front section of the container.

The container has an insulated floor made of durable material, with insulated walls and ceiling, and strong and easily cleaned panels. Designed as a strong and effective way of securing ammunition, the bottom brackets and all panels, doors, etc. are grounded to discharge static electricity.

The container is equipped with an efficient air conditioning system with sensors that ensure the desired temperature. The air conditioning has a humidification system for control of room humidity, and is equipped with frost protection.

Additional specifications:

  • Operating conditions are constantly monitored by the system according to the entered data
  • Technical room located behind lockable doors and weather-protected
  • Operating conditions data logging optional
  • Troubleshooting system that gives an audible fault alarm
  • Electrical installation and other electronics comply with the Machinery Directive and are designed for high security

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See below for additional technical information:


Power: 32 A 3-phase inlet with 32 A 3-phase outlet for further connection
Humidification: Fully automatic installation
Water/tapping: Spigots options in technical area


Air conditioners for cooling/heating function


Ceiling-mounted fixtures

Emergency lighting:

Panic lighting in the ceiling

Wall type:

Sandwich panels with fire-retardant material coated with anti-static material

Floor type:

Insulated floor with fittings for lashing

Surface treatment:

Basic container exterior and interior surface coated.
The coating can withstand harsh environments.


The container is based on a standard 20ft steel ISO container
External: 6058 x 2438 x 2591 (L x B x H) in mm
Internal: 5700/4700 x 2100 x 2100/850 (L x B x H) in mm (recommended dimensions)

Additional spec.:

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