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Communications Container

DC Model No.:

DCS 66380

Technical specifications:

20ft ISO container


Communications container



The communications container is a custom built, three-in-one container designed and optimized to provide a large and flexible workspace. The container consists of a 20ft-based frame structure, where the sides can be pulled out. This produces a large, flat floor area of over 32 m2. The walls are made of strong and lightweight sandwich panels in fire-retardant material.  The container has a remote-control hydraulic system for easy and quick container expansion and contraction. It is also equipped with a manual hand pump for expansion and contraction of the side boxes in the event of a power failure.

The container has a highly flexible design with ten insulated doors, including folding doors. All doors have windows with efficient, interior enabled blackout function. The container can be interconnected with other three-in-one containers through passageways and walkways to form a large headquarters. When connecting two communications containers via passageways, a floor area of 70 m2 is achieved.

An efficient air conditioner ensures correct temperature and distribution of air without discomfort for the personnel. A large number of power and data sockets in the ceiling provide maximum flexibility and minimize loose cables, and the like, on the floor. A large number of electricity-saving light sources provide comfortable and optimal illumination of the entire container's floor area. In the case of power failure, a backup generator will illuminate the container.

Additional specifications:

  • CSC-approved and can therefore be transported around the world. No bigger than a 20ft container when being transported
  • Cargo area of 6 m2 in transport mode for storage of fixtures
  • Wall and ceiling mounted C-rails for flexible mounting of fixtures, lamps, and other equipment
  • Exterior terminal box for optional extra power supply
  • Floor area covered with bright, durable and easy-to-clean vinyl


  • Stairs with repo for use with the container placed on a truck
  • Entranceway and walkway for joining two communications containers
  • Passageway and walkway for interconnecting doors on two containers
  • Illuminated door entranceways for optimal egress/ingress of personnel without light penetration of the blacked-out container

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See below for additional technical information:


Power: 32 A 3-phase inlet with 32 A 3-phase outlet for further supply
Power: 16 A 1-phase parking currant


Air conditioners for cooling and heating with airbag distribution


Ceiling-mounted removable fluorescent lighting fixtures mounted in installation boxes

Emergency lighting:

Emergency Exit signs, removable panic lighting in the ceiling supplied by emergency power system

Wall type:

Sandwich panels with fire-retardant material

Floor type:

Insulated floor with earthed, durable vinyl coating

Surface treatment:

Basic container exterior and interior surface coated Internally in the steel framework's interior, surface treatment is with resistant paint. Interior surfaces are painted white


The container's main frame has dimensions based on a 20ft steel ISO container's overall dimensions
Exterior (transport): 6058 x 2438 x 2591 (L x B x H) in mm
Exterior (operational): 6058 x 6370 x 2591 (L x B x H) in mm
Interior (transport): 3230 x 2060 x 1950 (L x B x H) in mm (Cargo space)
Interior (operational): Differs from centre box to side boxes. Contact sales office

Additional spec.:

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