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DC Model No .:

DCS 60411

Technical specifications:

20 ft ISO container




Custom built control panel, electric radiator, steel frames, air conditioning, electric heating panels, electricity supply



The DCS 60411 is a customized 20ft ISO insulated steel container. The container is custom built with interior sandwich panels made from a fire-retardant material and a steel frame for installation of air conditioning. The container is equipped with a bright double entrance that can be locked.

The container has a special built-in electrical panel for connecting electrical heaters, lighting fixtures, etc. Externally, the container is connected to the electricity supply through a strong built-in steel box.

Additional specifications:

  • Fitted with electric heating panels
  • Extremely flexible and grounded rail system for secure fitting of required interior design
  • Spigots for internal dehumidification of clothing and other materials
  • Spigots for external dehumidification, e.g. for storage of the container
  • Option for further connection of electricity supply
  • Vinyl flooring extends 10 cm up the walls for easy cleaning
  • The floor is provided with connection to ground

Examples of insulated container interior designs:

  • Insulated container fitted out as dry room, model DCS 60414
  • Insulated container fitted out for weapons storage, model DCS 60415

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See below for additional technical information:


Power: 32 A 3-phase inlet with 32 A 3-phase outlet for further supply
Dehumidification: Spigots for external/internal dehumidifying


Electric heating panels with adjustable temperature


Ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting fixtures

Emergency lighting:

Emergency Exit signs and panic lighting in the ceiling

Wall type:

Sandwich panels with fire-retardant material

Floor type:

Insulated durable vinyl floor; earthed

Surface treatment:

Basic container exterior and interior surface coated. The coating can withstand harsh environments.


Dimensions: Based on a standard 20ft steel ISO container. NOTE: Interior dimensions are smaller because of insulation.
External: 6058 x 2438 x 2591 (L x B x H) in mm
Internal: 5600 x 2100 x 2200 (L x B x H) in mm (recommended dimensions)

Other versions of insulated container:

DCS 60410: Insulated container prepared for air conditioning
DCS 60412: Insulated container prepared for dehumidifier

Additional spec.:

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