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Shower Container

DC-Model No. (DIM):

DCS 60510

Technical specifications:  

20ft insulated ISO container


Shower Container


Shower stalls, sinks, water heaters and lockers




The shower container is an insulated 20ft ISO container, which is furnished with shower stalls, sinks, water heaters, and lockers. The container is insulated with sandwich panel walls coated with a fire-retardant material. The floor, walls, and ceiling are coated with bright colored vinyl that is easily cleaned. The floor is made of strong vinyl with increased grip.

The container has six lockable shower stalls, equipped with a time-controlled thermostat, quality fixtures, soap dispensers, and wire baskets. It is also equipped with safes in the shower area to secure valuables. Each washbasin has a mirror, shelf, soap dispenser, and power socket. All washbasins are designed with non-contact quality fittings for superior hygiene.

Large water heaters provide hot water for showers and sinks. The built-in pump provides water pressure from, for example, the water collection tank, and allows for maximum flexibility.

Additional specifications:

  • External connection of water, sanitation, and electricity are easily made in front of the container
  • Motor-ventilated with local exhaust ventilation in each cabin
  • The side of the container has air intake for exhaust
  • Heated by electric heating panels with adjustable temperature
  • Front section and electrical installation prepared for installation of air conditioning
  • The container has passed the durability test, according to the Danish Defence Force instructions

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See below for additional technical information:


Power: 32 A 3-phase inlet with 32 A 3-phase outlet for a further supply.
Dehumidification: Spigots for external/internal dehumidifying
Water/sanitation: Spigots for supply and outlet at the front of the container


Electric heating panels with adjustable temperature


Ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting fixtures

Emergency lighting:

Emergency Exit signs and panic lighting in the ceiling

Wall type:

Sandwich panels with fire-retardant material coated with light-coloured vinyl

Floor type:

Insulated floor with a groove, so the container construction is not damaged when the floor is rinsed. Vinyl floor and wall are welded together for maximum density

Surface treatment:

Basic container exterior and interior surface coated
The coating can even withstand harsh environments


The container is based on a standard 20ft steel ISO container
NOTE: Interior dimensions are smaller because of internal insulation
External: 6058 x 2438 x 2591 (L x B x H) in mm
Internal: 5600 x 2100 x 2100 (L x B x H) in mm (recommended dimensions)

Additional spec.:

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