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3.000 m2 of Flooring
When the Swedish army goes into action on its various missions, they often bring their own facilities and equipment. DC-Supply delivered the Rola-Trac floor that could be built together, similar to building with Legos.
The Swedish Army
The Swedish military needed extra facilities for housing in the form of mobile units for a large number of soldiers. The solution had to be usable regardless of where in the world the mission takes place.
Danish Army - Dry Room Container
When employees are away at work, there must be facilities for drying clothes, uniforms and work clothes. DC-Supply delivered thirteen robust 20ft ISO containers with CSC approval that are made to withstand years of use.
Dogs Kennels in Afghanistan
When NATO goes into action, they have specially trained dogs with them. But where should the dogs stay when not out on patrol? Naturally, they should stay in their own mobile dog kennel. DC-Supply developed, produced and supplied these kennels.
Command Center for ESBERN SNARE
The ESBERN SNARE is a support ship for the Navy's command ship, the ABSALON, which patrols the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia.
Army Command Support School in Fredericia
The army's Command Support School in Fredericia, where sergeants and lieutenants are trained, was in need of enhanced communication facilities.
Mobile Hangar for Fennec Helicopters
During the war in Afghanistan, there was a shortage of several basic facilities such as hangars and associated floors. When the Danish Fennec helicopters are not in the air in Afghanistan, they are parked in mobile hangars supplied by DC-Supply.
Oil Drilling in Uganda
Oil drilling in Uganda takes place in remote areas where residential facilities are lacking. Back in 2007, Mineral Services embarked upon a collaboration with DC-Supply for the supply of equipment for local residential camps.
Water Purification Plants for NATO
NATO was facing a difficult challenge. What does NATO do when it suddenly needs a water purification plant that can be moved around the world? They get in touch with DC-Supply!


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