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Open top containers

Goods comes in all sizes and heights, and it is not always possible to load easily into a standard standard container. At DC-Supply A / S, we deliver standard ISO 20 foot and 40 foot open top containers with CSC authentication. This type of container is especially suitable for loading and unloading cranes – for example, machines of different types and variants. Especially ideal is when a crane is used for work or when loading through the doors is simply not practical, for example, in the case of scrap or timber. The open top containers come with a removable tarpaulin roof that makes loading and unloading from the top extremely effortless.

The open top containers are available in several colours, and we also offer the opportunity to get your company’s own logo attached.

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Remember that at DC-Supply A / S you also have the option to buy and rent open top containers. If you have a special cargo type that requires some extra care, please feel free to contact us for a chat about the options in a reasonable container solution. We would like to offer you our expertise and guide you to the most effective way to meet your needs.

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