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20 ft containers.

Item no. 103020
20 ft containers from DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply come as new and used ISO standard containers with CSC approval as well as double-door, side door, flatrack, open top and high cube containers. You can also choose an insulated container, refrigerated container or freezer container – and if the need for sea transport, our offshore containers are most likely the ideal solution.
All our 20 ft containers are in very robust design and are thus able to handle many years of diligent use wherever the task is done. The many types of models mean that a suitable solution can always be found, regardless of the type and size of the goods.For example, temperature sensitive goods are secured with a reefer container, both during transport and storage. In addition, DC-Supply A/S offers reefer containers with solar cells and battery – so the container is self-propelled and independent of external power supplies or other connections.
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20 ft containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Environmental container 20-ft

Environmental container 20-ft

With a 20-ft environmental container from DC-Supply A/S, you ensure safe storage of potentially harmful liquids and material, e.g. at the construction site.

20ft Container with Side Doors

20ft Container with Side Doors

The container has both the standard container doors in the gable as well as a door on the long side. The side door container has full side opening and is suitable when there is a need for full access.

Container platform 20 & 40 ft

Container platform 20 & 40 ft

The platform standard, available in 20ft or 40ft ISO containers with CSC approval, does not have sides, ends, or a roof. They are therefore used to transport oversized cargo that does not fit in the other container types.

20ft & 40ft Open Top Container

20ft & 40ft Open Top Container

The standard 20ft and 40ft open top containers with CSC approval are particularly suitable for loading cargo with excess height.

Insulated Container – DCS 2062

Insulated Container – DCS 2062

Standard 20ft and 40ft insulated steel containers ensure that your products are kept dry all year without being exposed to condensation, even under extreme temperatures.

20ft and 40ft Containers

20ft and 40ft Containers

At DC-Supply, we can deliver both new and used containers, respectively 20 and 40ft ISO with CSC approval.

Get a great deal on 20 ft containers

If you need a container with space for larger cargo, then DC-Supply A/S can offer several types of 20 ft container solutions depending on your need. For example, for oversized goods, either a flat rack or high cube 20 ft container would be an excellent and optimal solution. We can also supply 20 ft containers with side door or double door opening – both models allowing easier access when you’re working with either more fragile goods or a difficult-to-handle item. Whatever the kind of large container you need, we can either deliver a standard solution or build one specifically for you and your business needs.

At DC-Supply A/S you can buy and rent several types of 20 ft containers. Contact us to find out more about the many possibilities, or perhaps you have specific wishes or requirements that need to be fulfilled for your project – we will gladly give you a quote for your new 20 ft container.

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FAQ about 20 ft containers

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    How much is a 20 ft shipping container?

    At DC-Supply you can buy and rent several types of 20 ft containers. Among other things, the final price depends on the choice of one or more of many options available should they be needed. Contact us to find out more about the many options available that cater to your specific needs and wishes – we will gladly quote you a good deal on a new 20 ft container.
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    What is the capacity of a 20 ft container?

    A 20 foot standard ISO container has an exterior length of 6058 mm. Width is 2438 mm and height 2591 mm. With a cubic capacity of 32 m3, it has lots of storage space for your goods.
    See all dimensions and weight specifications for a 20 foot standard ISO container here:

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    Can the 20 ft container be fitted with multiple doors?

    Yes, at DC-Supply you can among other options, have a 20-foot container delivered as a double-door container – or perhaps a side-door container is more appropriate for your needs?
    For more info about double-door containers see here:
    See more about side door containers here:

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    Do you offer a 20 foot container with CSC approval?

    Yes, at DC-Supply we happily supply 20 ft containers CSC approved for international sea transport. Our containers can be CSC approved regardless of whether they are a standard ISO steel container or a custom-built solution.
    Please see more about our standard 20 ft ISO containers here:


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