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Communications centre

The army’s Command Support School in Fredericia, where sergeants and lieutenants are trained, was in need of enhanced communication facilities.
Kommunikationscenter - sammebyggede containere
Kommunikationscenter - udefra
As part of the training, the soldiers learn to communicate with the deployed forces. In this context, new facilities were needed, which could easily be brought to the tasks around the whole world.

DC-Supply supplied a complete, mobile communications headquarters for communicating with stationed forces in training situations and other purposes. The communications container was a custom-built 3-in-1 container that was optimized and developed to be a large and flexible workspace. The communications center consists of thirty-two containers assembled together almost like a small mobile “village.”
The container solution is robust, designed to withstand many years of use, and can be set up quickly and easily, if necessary.

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