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Rent a container.

At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, our large fleet of different types of modules and containers is available for rent.

We have units for both short and long term rental and are always ready to advise and give guidance on the design of, for example, construction sites or crew facilities. On this page, you will find an overview of units currently available. If you have specific needs or perhaps you are interested in a specialised rental agreement for one of our containers or modules, please contact our sales team on either phone +45 70231380 or e-mail info@dc-supply.dk.

We are ready to help - call our sales team:
+45 70231380

Containers for rent from DC-Supply A/S:

Rent standard containers from DC-Supply A/S

Standard containers

At DC-Supply A/S you can rent containers for all purposes – and i all sizes.

Rent fitted containers from DC-Supply A/S

Fitted containers

We offer effective and safe solutions for accommodation in fitted containers.

Rental of standard containers

DC-Supply A/S offers a wide range of standard containers for rent, both in the form of standard ISO steel containers ranging from small 6-ft containers to large, spacious 40-ft containers – as well as insulated containers and reefer containers for refrigeration and freezing. If you would like to rent a standard container, please contact our helpful sales team for further information about price and delivery.

Rental of fitted containers and modules

If you need crew living facilities on construction sites or perhaps for use in conjunction with a production building, a factory, maybe temporary office facilities need to be established, or even something completely different – DC-Supply A/S offers various modern, furnished containers and modules for rent. We have a large and diverse rental fleet that can meet most needs and demands, offered for rent both for longer and shorter periods – including over several years.

When you rent one of our modules or containers, we always offer delivery, pick-up, setup or installation and optional connection to local supply sources. If you want to rent a fitted container, contact our sales department for further information about our rental contracts. If you are in doubt or perhaps have concerns regarding the different types of containers and modules that we offer, or maybe you’re simply looking for a little inspiration on how one could enhance the construction site with facilities for living etc., then you are welcome to take a look at renting containers for all purposes here.


Contact us - we are read to help.

Our strong experienced team is ready to support and advise you with your next container project. Please get in touch, if you would like to know more.

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