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Containers with cladding.

When a custom-built container solution is planned as an extension of an existing building, or needs to match the surrounding environment in a certain way, cladding the containers is a great way to obtain a beautiful result.

When working with us at DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, containers can be cladded according to your wishes. We have extensive experience in cladding containers, and have built many solutions for both residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Many types of container cladding

We offer containers with many types of cladding depending on your specific requirements. For example, if the project has an increased focus on how much and how often the container cladding should be maintained, cladding can be made with heat-treated Scandinavian pine, which requires no finishing or paint and oil for maintenance. If the cladded container is to be placed in harsh weather conditions – for example in Greenland or the Faroe Islands – a solution with weather-resistant Hardie® Plank is a good, robust solution. You can also create a beautiful result that matches your surroundings with an attractive larch wood cladding.

Containers with cladding
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Residential or commercial containers with cladding

Both residential and commercial containers custom-built for businesses or a specific type of production on industry can be clad. At DC-Supply A/S, we build a wide variety of containers with cladding – and in all sizes, from small mobile sales booths to larger customised solutions where several containers are connected into one building. The cladding of the containers can serve both a practical purpose – e.g. in the form of less external maintenance – while also supporting the aesthetics of the solution.

It’s not only on the outside that containers can be clad. There are also many interior options – like attractive acoustic panels like on our showroom container for rent, or completely washable surfaces like on this wetroom container.

Containers with cladding from DC-Supply A/S:

Christmas at the Zoo

Christmas at the Zoo

For this year’s big “Christmas at the Zoo” event at Aalborg Zoo, DC-Supply A/S has provided custom built container solutions for both sales stalls and Santa’s cabin.

Foot care clinic

Foot care clinic

DC-Supply has delivered a custom container solution for a foot care clinic.

Welcoming area at the Port of Aalborg

Welcoming area at the Port of Aalborg

When cruise ships arrive at Aalborg, a unique vision awaits them. In collaboration with DC-Supply, a new welcome area was produced, which consists of four containers covered with wood, 200 meters of fence, and shelter in the form of a sail.

Create a beautiful container solution with cladding


Containers with cladding make it possible to adapt custom containers, empty containers and container modules as well to the surroundings – and thus optimally fit the solution to the physical and architectural environment in which it is to be integrated.

If you would like help and guidance on which type of container cladding would be best for your project, our experienced staff will be happy to help. Our in-house technical department and in-house production – together with our sales team experts – are your guarantee of a unique customer service, where we maintain a close dialogue with you throughout the entire process.

Containers with cladding

FAQ about containers with cladding

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    What kind of cladding can be used on a container?

    A container can be cladded with, for example, wood or maintenance-free planks. At DC-Supply A/S, we offer cladding containers with different types of wood, Hardie® Plank etc. We always have a good dialogue about which environment your container solution must fit into – architecturally, etc. – so that you get a container with cladding that matches the surroundings.

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    Where can cladded containers be used?

    Containers with cladding can be used wherever in the world you need it. Cladding a container is a particularly good idea when a custom-built container solution must fit into a surrounding architectural context, or when the container must be protected as best as possible against weather and wind, for example in Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

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    What types of wood are suitable for container cladding?

    Wood is a great material for cladding containers. It is both beautiful to look at and offers extra protection and insulation for the container. At DC-Supply A/S, we have built containers with cladding of heat-treated Scandinavian pine, which do not require finishing or paint and oil for maintenance, just as we have supplied containers with cladding of beautiful larch wood – and much, much more. The choice of wood type for cladding should be made based on considerations regarding maintenance and weather resistance as well as the environment in which the container solution must be included.


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