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Environment containers

DC-Supply delivers an 8 foot environmental container specially designed for storage of environmentally hazardous waste. This applies, for example, to chemicals, paint, waste oil and the like.

The environmental container is equipped with a floor mounted as a vessel, which allows for the collection and retention of hazardous liquid spillage in case of leakage. The bottom is easily accessible with removable shakes and can hold at least 300 liters of liquid.

The construction of the environmental container is robust and resistant, and the container is ideal for both small and large construction sites. It is very handy and can be easily moved with either a forklift or a smaller crane.

If you secure the environmental container with an insurance-approved locking bracket from DC-Supply A / S, safety is put to the top and you can trust that your environmentally hazardous goods are stored in the best possible way. We offer many different types of locking brackets for containers – both internal and external locking brackets – most of which are insurance-approved in the highest grade 5 according to the new rules.

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If you need a container solution that takes into account the environment in relation to the material that the container must contain, DC-Supply A / S is available with competent and knowledgeable guidance. We have extensive experience in delivering containers for handling environmentally harmful waste, and are happy to help you with your particular challenge.

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