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Containers with shower.

At DC-Supply A / S we manufacture custom-designed containers with shower for example construction sites and crew living.

Shower containers are supplied insulated with drainage, water connection and built-in electric shaft with intake as well as outlet.

You can choose between 10 ft and 20 ft ISO containers with shower, which always comply with all legal requirements. It is also possible to have a solution that allows for serial connection of up to ten containers that connect quickly and easily. You and your employees are guaranteed safe and comfortable accommodation, and wherever you are, the facilities will be in order.
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Shower and toilet containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Housing Center in Nuuk

Housing Center in Nuuk

DC-Supply A/S delivers housing center in custom-built container solution to Nuuk, Greenland.

Buy or rent containers with shower and toilet

Our solutions are both robust and comfortable to use, and are therefore highly suitable for construction sites, for renovation of larger residential properties or for the organisation of events and sporting events. There is also the possibility of separate toilet and shower in one container, so shower cubicles and toilet cubicles can be used by different persons at the same time.

You can buy or rent containers with a shower from DC-Supply A/S, and you are always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance on which solution can meet your needs. We are specialists in well-thought-out solutions, both for private and business, and for setup in very different climates – including Greenland.

FAQ about containers with shower

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    Can a container with shower be mobile?

    Yes, at DC-Supply A/S we offer several different solutions within mobile containers with showers. A mobile container solution for toilet and showering facilities is a particular good solution for the crew who have to move between different construction sites – and regardless of whether you choose a 10 or 20 ft solution, the shower container is easily moved with a forklift and truck.

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    How much does a container with shower cost?

    At DC-Supply A/S, we offer containers with showers for both sale and rent, and the price partly depends on whether you want to buy or rent a solution. In addition, size, interior design and the degree of special construction also influence the price. Feel free to contact our experienced sales team for further information about prices for containers with showers.

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    Can you rent containers with showers?

    Yes, at DC-Supply A/S you can rent several different types of containers with showers. In particular, our various types of crew containers with toilet and shower are popular solutions for construction sites of all sizes – here you get modern facilities for the crew, and you can rent our containers with shower for both shorter and longer periods of time. If you would like further information about rental prices and delivery times, please contact our sales team on +45 70231380.


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