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Waiting rooms in custom-built containers.

Establishing waiting rooms in containers offers a cost-effective solution with a relatively short delivery time – at least when you cooperate with DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply.

In our in-house production, we custom build all types of container waiting rooms, just as we offer delivery of the waiting rooms all over the world. We have e.g. delivered a waiting room in Greenland – built with a focus on recycled materials and green energy.

If you have plans to establish facilities for either a waiting room, a break room or another type of accommodation, please contact our sales team. Here, a number of experienced container experts are ready to help and advise on your particular project, allowing you to progress quickly in the following process. If you want to learn a little more about how to buy a custom-built container solution before contacting us, you can read more here.

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Container waiting rooms from DC-Supply A/S:

Choose a waiting room in a container

When you choose to have a waiting room built as a container-based solution, it is possible to tailor the result completely according to wishes and needs. If the solution is to be part of a specific environment or otherwise integrated with existing architecture, it may be appropriate to look at a specific type of exterior cladding. At DC-Supply A/S, we have extensive experience building containers with cladding, and can thus advise and guide you about which type of cladding will be optimal for your particular project. Perhaps you want a solution with a minimal need for external maintenance, perhaps the solution focuses on the use of recycled materials from the inside out – regardless of wishes, we possess both the expertise and the experience.

Inside, the waiting room can of course also be decorated exactly as you need. Maybe there needs to be seating for passengers, maybe there is a need for a small cafe, bar or other sales stall – or maybe the users of the waiting room need to be able to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices, have access to Wi-Fi, etc.. If the waiting room is built for staff use, e.g. bus drivers, – comfortable accommodation, kitchen and toilet facilities can be established, just as the premises can be provided with ventilation as well as radiators for heating. A custom-built container solution is limited only by imagination!

Container waiting rooms for many types of use

At DC-Supply A/S, we have built waiting rooms in containers for different types of use – e.g. for cruise passengers, boat passengers, bus passengers and many more. We have also built waiting rooms for both bus drivers and construction site workers to stay in during their breaks, so the variety of industries that can use a custom-built container solution for waiting rooms or break rooms is really wide – and we most certainly haven’t seen the last version yet. With the many possibilities for creating comfortable, modern facilities, a container can advantageously become a waiting room in connection with e.g. either a medical or dental practice.


Contact us - we are read to help.

Our strong experienced team is ready to support and advise you with your next container project. Please get in touch, if you would like to know more.

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