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Container modules.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply sells container modules, both in the form of empty containers, but also as customised special solutions. Container modules are also known as prefabricated containers, prefab and pavilions.

Container modules make it easy to deliver flexible solutions where, for example, wall sections are replaced with window sections. You can see just this in our many years of cooperation with Tivoli in Copenhagen, where we, among other things, have delivered sales stalls to the old garden’s famous markets since 2003.

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Container modules from DC-Supply A/S:

Customised office modules

Customised office modules

DC-Supply build customised office container modules in accordance with the individual customer’s wishes and needs.

20 ft office modules

20 ft office modules

Buy 20-ft standard office modules from DC-Supply – multiple models in stock – immediate delivery.

Fitness Pavilions

Fitness Pavilions

The customer needed to create a space with the capacity for fitness equipment. The pavilion had to be located near the school with easy access to the premises.

Mobile container Sales Shops

Mobile container Sales Shops

Tivoli has seen the potential of using container modules as a flexible and mobile modular system when establishing shops.

Buy high quality container modules

At DC-Supply A/S you can buy high quality container modules – and the possibilities are numerous. For example, we offer standard modules as: bathroom modules, office modules and double modules, two different models of toilet modules (standard and luxury) as well as container frames and staircase solutions. We stock container modules in selected standard colours, and also offer custom colours with an extra few days delivery time.

Container modules can easily be put to use as they are, but they also allow for a very high degree of specialised customisation – even when it comes to resizing. Because of this, we can build your custom solution based on prefabricated container modules, which will often contribute to a significant shortening in production time – and thus a shorter delivery horizon.

DC-Supply A/S has delivered container modules for both civilian and military purposes for many years, and are very experienced – with a high level of expertise in the customisation of container modules. Contact our experienced staff for further information, also to receive help and guidance on how your specific project can benefit from a solution with container modules.

Container modules for military purposes

In the military field, too, this type of container has its distribution. Due to the low weight and transport volume of the container modules, they are ideal for military purposes – thus, four container modules in transport mode take up only the same space as one ISO container. Furthermore, since the container modules are constructed with walls of sandwich panels, these can easily be inserted as needed. If space is tight, container modules can be stacked and all facilities are kept within the required range. This provides a very high degree of flexibility in the solution, which has, for example, been a decisive factor in our delivery of 400 units to the Swedish army.

FAQ about container modules

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    What are container modules?

    Container modules are also known as prefabricated containers, prefab or pavilions. Container modules can be used as they are, but also allow for a high degree of specialised customisation. DC-Supply is also capable of delivering adaptable standard container modules, making it easy to build many flexible solutions, – for example could be an entire sidewall being replaced with window sections or other similar alterations.

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    Can office modules be customised?

    Yes – DC-Supply custom builds and customises container office modules accordance with the individual customer’s wishes and needs. For example – these customisations could be applied to single container size or perhaps to the assembly of several interconnected modules as well as the installation of a kitchen, shower or toilet etc. – to name a few.
    See more about customised office modules here:

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    Can container modules be stacked?

    Yes, our container modules can easily be neatly stacked creating several floors. A popular option for example, is DC-Supply´s 3 × 6 meter office modules that can be stacked up to several floors, ready for use directly upon delivery.
    See more about our 3×6 meter office modules here:


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