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Residential and Kitchen containers

At DC-Supply, we humbly call ourselves experts within the fields of custom built kitchen and residential containers.. We have many years of experience, designing, fitting, producing and building very different solutions for both short as well as long term residence – be it for personal, business or institutional use.

All custom builds are created in house at our own workshop, we also offer worldwide delivery. In case you need a solution to be mobile and easy to transport – eg. in the form of a crew residency or perhaps accommodation for a construction site – this is taken into consideration at the very beginning of the project, so that you receive a custom residential container solution that completely matches your unique and specific needs.

Bar containers for Aalborg Carnival

For the big party at Kildeparken in Aalborg, DC-Supply has a delivered custom built bar containers ready to dispense cold drinks to the party goers.

Oil Drilling in Uganda

Oil drilling in Uganda takes place in remote areas where residential facilities are lacking. For several years, Mineral Services has collaborated with DC-Supply for the supply of equipment for local residential camps.

Sanitation and safety containers

DC-Supply A/S produces and delivers sanitation and safety containers with first aid equipment customizable to your own preference.

Mobile Engine Room Simulator

Technology, Management, and Marine Engineering students at Martec in Frederikshavn and Fredericia Maskinmesterskole can look forward to a whole new concept in their education.

Foot care clinic

DC-Supply has delivered a custom container solution for a foot care clinic.

20ft exhibition container with side doors

Skanderborg Municipality wanted to make themselves more available to their residents; therefore, they requested an exhibition room in which politicians and citizens can have an open dialog

Changing Room Container with Cladding

In connection with salmon rearing on the Faroe Islands, DC-Supply designed and produced four interconnected 20ft changing room containers with cladding.

Wind Turbine Test Station

Although the testing site was almost permanent, it is not legal to construct a permanent building for the task on the location. In that situation, containers can be extremely useful to work with.

Fitness Pavilions

The customer needed to create a space with the capacity for fitness equipment. The pavilion had to be located near the school with easy access to the premises.

40ft recreational container for Fish Farm

40 ft recreational container for fish farm The customer raised farmed salmon and needed a recreational facility at their new location in the Faroe Islands. Instead of building a complete structure, a container was used to give them a more flexible and...

Mobile container Office Facilities

In this case our customer was expanding their activities with multiple workstations. For this they needed a solution that could be placed next to the existing office building.

Temporary Kitchen and Canteen

Building contractors need to service around 350 people on a daily basis. This became problematic due to the construction of a new canteen and kitchen building.

School Kitchen

When Hjørring’s production school’s kitchen and welfare facilities had to be expanded and renovated over a five-month period, the students from the kitchen education needed a place to make lunch for all students and staff.

Offshore Residential Rooms

DC-Supply designed and delivered many residential, service, and welfare modules for Maersk rigs, such as cable installment and supply ships. All based on 20ft ISO containers specifically designed for shipping.

TV2 Studio

A container solution gave TV2 the facilities they needed as well as an attractive and stylish studio that fit into Tivoli’s special surroundings.

Service container

Total Wind is a company that solves problems worldwide. They were in need of housing for their employees and storage facilities for equipment.

Insulated Residential Container

DC-Supply delivered a specially designed 20ft insulated ISO residential container. The result was an accommodation and office container, which was a simple and flexible solution to the lack of space for both short and long periods of time.

Mobile toilet container

Permagreen needed toilet facilities for their construction projects in Greenland. It had to be a practical mobile solution that was also designed to withstand Greenland’s temperature and weather conditions.

Residential rooms in containers

DC-Supply’s task, was to provide a residential room with a so-called self-sufficient toilet. It should also be able to keep itself warm, even if the thermometer outside shows negative 45 degrees Celsius.

Kitchen and Canteen Mobile Container Project – Custom solution

The Royal Guard’s kitchen and canteen facilities had to be renovated over a period of seven months. There was a need for an effective solution. With the help of DC-Supply, they got a temporary solution which consisted of thirteen 20ft modules combined into one kitchen, containing canteen and storage facilities.

Temporary Kitchen Extension and Mobile Kitchens

At Skansebadet in Nørresundby, they were in need of a larger kitchen. In collaboration with DC-Supply, they were supplied with a kitchen module which was built together with the existing building.


The new funhouse had to be economically sustainable, but also provide the guests with a great experience.

Changing rooms

DC-Supply delivered a specially designed dressing room in the form of six 40ft insulated containers with exterior wood cladding.

Souvenir Shop

DC-Supply was able to provide a container that is not just a container, but an “H.C. Andersen store,” which was placed on Langelinie quay in Copenhagen.

Crew Accomodation

An entrepreneur needed a long-lasting solution in the form of residencies for his employees when they were on long-term assignments.

Emergency Container

The fire and rescue center is in need of more capacity to solve many of their tasks.

Container Accommodations

Bane Denmark’s responsibilities consist of maintenance, renewal, and expansion of the railway network. For this work, train cars are obviously needed to transport the workers and equipment to the places where the rail network is to be repaired and serviced.

Temporary classrooms

Aalborg Municipality was in charge of renovating Vejgaard School because of mold, which created an immediate shortage of facilities.

If the residence requires kitchen facilities – whether it’s for canteen/cafeteria use or simply because of the establishment of long term residence – we can cover the entire range, anything from a small tea kitchen to a professional, mobile industry kitchen can be built in. You can read more about the latter here

When refrigeration or freezer facilities is needed in combination with your custom built kitchen or residence container – we can supply you with solutions that can either be powered by a traditional electrical connection, or based on solar power and batteries. This way, the cooling system can function independently without use of external power supplies or other connections.

With a custom built solution from DC-Supply, your kitchen and residential containers will always be tailored to match your needs and requirements. With us, you receive a solution that will last for years, and our strong sales and production teams, will support you all the way.

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