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Construction site layout

Accommodation module

The two-room accommodation module guarantees comfort and private surroundings for you crew on site.

Containers for crew accommodation

At DC-Supply, we manufacture custom-built residential solutions. We supply customized residential and housing facilities for construction sites. You can see mere here at our website.

Construction site facilities

Here at DC-Supply we can supply customised residential and housing facilities for construction sites. Read more here.

Sanitation and safety containers

DC-Supply A/S produces and delivers sanitation and safety containers with first aid equipment customizable to your own preference.

Fitness Pavilions

The customer needed to create a space with the capacity for fitness equipment. The pavilion had to be located near the school with easy access to the premises.

Changing rooms

DC-Supply delivered a specially designed dressing room in the form of six 40ft insulated containers with exterior wood cladding.

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