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Kärcher Futuretech CBRN equipment.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply offers quality CBRN equipment, mobile catering systems and much more from German Futuretech Kärcher Group.

DC-Supply A/S offers customised solutions from German Kärcher Futuretech for effective defence against atomic, biological and chemical attacks, products in which the main focus is on protecting people and the environment. In addition, we provide tailored field kitchen and water purification solutions – always meeting your specific mission’s deployment and operation scenario.


DSAP Futuretech

In the case of a CBRN contamination accident with a large number of affected persons, the DSAP system is designed for fast and safe decontamination.

WBP 1300 water purification

The WBP 1300 water bottling plant is designed for fully automatic production of bottles from plastic preforms (food quality PET) followed by filling with chlorine-free drinking water.

KCC 500 catering container

The basic system of the KCC 500 kitchen catering container comes with a multitude of equipment options and a high degree of variability, thereby enabling customer-specific solutions catering for up to 500 people.


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