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Container based cruise ship terminal welcoming area.

When a cruise ship docks, guests’ first encounter and impression of the city they’re about to visit is the welcoming area at the cruise ship terminal. DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply designs and builds container based cruise ship terminal welcoming areas, so that cruise ship guests can experience a nice, warm welcoming reception at the terminal, the moment they set foot on land.

A container based cruise ship welcoming area, can be built and delivered according to your specific needs and wishes – thus containing exactly the facilities that you want. Typically, the welcoming area is built with a souvenir shop and / or tourist information, a lounge and toilet facilities. It could also be relevant to incorporate a cafe or restaurant, just as the welcoming area can be built with a terrace or other type of outdoor areas – for example, in several cases we have built solutions where the container comes equipped with a roof terrace for guests to take in the views from.

We have provided welcoming areas for cruise ships in both Denmark and as far north as Greenland, offering both mobile as well as permanent custom container solutions for this purpose.

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Welcoming area in containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Welcoming area at the Port of Aalborg

Welcoming area at the Port of Aalborg

When cruise ships arrive at Aalborg, a unique vision awaits them. In collaboration with DC-Supply, a new welcome area was produced, which consists of four containers covered with wood, 200 meters of fence, and shelter in the form of a sail.

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop

DC-Supply A/S was able to provide a container that is not just a container, but an “H.C. Andersen store,” which was placed on Langelinie quay in Copenhagen.

Give cruise ship guests a nice warm reception with a container based welcoming area

DC-Supply A/S designs and builds cruise ship terminal welcoming areas in containers that are adapted not only functionally but also visually in relation to the terminal’s surrounding architecture.

For the Port of Aalborg, we delivered a container based welcoming area with wood cladding on the outside and a canopy covering designed around white sails. The design matches both the architectural expression of the local environment and also the Utzon Center building, located in the immediate vicinity of the new welcoming area.

For the Sikuki Nuuk harbour in Greenland, we also delivered a welcoming area in containers for their new cruise ship terminal. Here, the solution included a visitors center with common room and toilet facilities, a technical container as well as a beautiful terrace with a view of the harbour. As in Aalborg, also in Nuuk, the container’s exterior cladding is made of wood.

A container based welcoming area can of course be developed and used for many other applications than for cruise ship terminals – In fact, used for almost any type of visitor center, a container based solution can be extremely advantageous, being not only cost effective – but also architecturally and functionally beneficial to its surroundings.

Contact our experienced staff to hear more about how DC-Supply can help you with a custom container solution for almost any need.

Container based cruise ship terminal welcoming area from DC-Supply A/S

FAQ about welcoming areas in containers

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    What are the benefits of a welcoming area in containers?

    When choosing a custom-built container solution for a welcoming area for cruise calls, you will benefit from the fact that the solution can be completely adapted to the surrounding environment at the port. It is, for example, possible to fit the containers with maintenance-free cladding or green electricity in the form of solar panels on the roof, just as the interior decor of the welcoming area can match any need. Furthermore, there is also the option of making the solution mobile, so that the welcoming area can relatively easily either be taken down after the season, or moved and used in other contexts, in case there are longer periods without cruise ship calls.

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    How do we go about establishing a cruise ship welcoming area in containers?

    A welcoming area in containers is established just like when you buy any custom-built container solution from us: First, we jointly define and agree the scope of the project, both in relation to the finished solution and the finances of the project – after acceptance of the offer, the task is passed on to our internal technical department, who perform strength calculations, draw up the solution and create visualizations. In the process, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to experience your container project in virtual reality, just as you can also interact with the interior in 3D. When the drawing material is in place, the container solution is built by our skilled craftsmen in our own modern workshop. Finally, the welcoming area is delivered and set up at your desired location.

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    Can a cruise ship welcoming area in containers also be used in other contexts?

    The short answer is: Yes! A welcoming area in containers can be developed to meet all needs – and can e.g. be combined with a souvenir shop, visitor center and the like. The containers can also be built so that they function as a welcoming area during the cruise ship season, while they have other uses and functions off-season. Regardless of the type of event area you are planning, a container-based solution can often be very advantageous, both financially, architecturally and functionally.


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