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The swedish army

The Swedish military needed extra facilities for housing in the form of mobile units for a large number of soldiers.
Det svenske forsvar
Det svenske forsvar landsby
Det svenske forsvar transport
The solution had to be usable regardless of where in the world the mission takes place.

Since early 2010, the DC-Supply has delivered 400 units of empty Prefab containers for the Swedish Army.

Prefab containers are ideal due to their low weight and transport volume. In transport mode, 4 Prefab containers take up the same space as one ISO container. Prefab containers are constructed with a solid floor, roof and wall sandwich panels. The walls are modular and can, therefore be added as desired. Both walls, ceiling and floor are insulated and provide optimum indoor climate.

The modular construction means that the accommodation can quickly be scaled up or down as needed. ISO standard size of the modules is synonymous with fast and smooth transport on land and at sea. If available space is a problem, the containers can be stacked, so all facilities are easily within reach.

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