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Event & exhibition containers

Would you like your exhibition to stand out at the next congress, or do you need a mobile pop-up shop? Are you looking to establish information facilities on the construction site, or something completely different? DC-Supply has extensive experience developing and producing containers for any event or exhibition!

Throughout the years, DC-Supply has provided custom built solutions for virtually any kind of special occasion, ranging from major concerts and events such as a Jean Michel Jarre concert and Aalborg Carnival, to mobile sales booths for both Tivoli and the Zoo in Copenhagen.

Bar containers for Aalborg Carnival

For the big party at Kildeparken in Aalborg, DC-Supply has a delivered custom built bar containers ready to dispense cold drinks to the party goers.

Hydraulic Container

A hydraulic container solution from DC-Supply could be your next sales container.

Exhibition Container for Opel Denmark

Opel Denmark participates in a series of sports and motorsports events across Denmark. Their marketing department was in need of a portable exhibition stand that could be easily transported around the country.

20ft exhibition container with side doors

Skanderborg Municipality wanted to make themselves more available to their residents; therefore, they requested an exhibition room in which politicians and citizens can have an open dialog

Ice cream booth

DC-Supply was commissioned to design a booth for organic ice cream.

Pop-up shop

DC-Supply is the obvious choice when one is in need of the facilities for a shop/stand.

Welcoming area at the Port of Aalborg

When cruise ships arrive at Aalborg, a unique vision awaits them. In collaboration with DC-Supply, a new welcome area was produced, which consists of four containers covered with wood, 200 meters of fence, and shelter in the form of a sail.

TV2 Studio

A container solution gave TV2 the facilities they needed as well as an attractive and stylish studio that fit into Tivoli’s special surroundings.

Cash machine

The “Money-containers” were constructed with built-in cash machines that can be used at music festivals, events, etc.

Denmark’s Biggest Stage Wall

The Jean Michel Jarre AERO concert in Northern Jutland in 2002 was a tribute to windmills, and was therefore located at a wind turbine park in an open field. It was in a marsh-like area, so when building a scene wall, calculations of wind pressure on both sides had to be made.


The new funhouse had to be economically sustainable, but also provide the guests with a great experience.

Changing rooms

DC-Supply delivered a specially designed dressing room in the form of six 40ft insulated containers with exterior wood cladding.

Souvenir Shop

DC-Supply was able to provide a container that is not just a container, but an “H.C. Andersen store,” which was placed on Langelinie quay in Copenhagen.

Multimedia Container

Proshop’s challenge was to find a way in which a touch screen of 2.5×12 m could stand out at night at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen, and be freely available to tourists during the daytime.

Bicycle Storage

Comwell’s challenge was to find a low cost, environmentally friendly solution that would fit into their surroundings.

Event and exhibition containers can optionally be supplied with various different types of technology. For example, this could be a built in 4G internet connection and flat screen TVs – or perhaps a hydraulic side opening, easily handled by one man when the container needs to be opened and closed, is of more interest?

When it comes to either small or temporary store facilities, a pop-up shop built into a container can be an easy and cost-effective solution. We have delivered diverse solutions such as souvenir shops and ice cream parlors, and even a mobile burger bar!

No project is too big, too small, too imaginative or too complex. On the contrary – event and exhibition containers are often custom builds where DC-supply’s creativity can unfold itself with free play. DC-Supply also offers rental of our own produced bar container, which among other things – is equipped with beer tap facilities and a full length bar including bar stools. So if you are hosting a reception, anniversary or similar – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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