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DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply
Virkelyst 8, 9400 Nørresundby

VAT no. 70895315

Phone: +45 70231380
Email: info@dc-supply.dk

Finance: bogholderi@dc-supply.dk
Invoice: e-faktura@dc-supply.dk

Note: Invoice email is only for sending invoices from approved suppliers directly to system.


Monday – Thursday 8.00  – 16.00
Friday 07.30 -15.00

For loading/unloading:
Monday – Thursday  07.30 – 15.30
Friday 07.30 – 13.00

Our strong experienced team is ready to support and advise you with your next container project.

Please contact us with any general or specific enquiries.

You are also more than welcome to request a phone call or meeting – we will gladly come to you.


Michael Munk

Michael Munk


+45 70 23 13 80

Klaus Fossing

Klaus Fossing

Chairman of the Board

+45 40 80 98 04

Sales department:

Jan Bager

Jan Bager

Sales Manager

+45 40 80 98 15

Jesper Ludvigsen

Jesper Ludvigsen

Key Account Manager

+45 40 80 98 82

Dennis Syska Olsen

Dennis Syska Olsen

Key Account Manager

+45 40 80 98 74

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Vicki Nielsen

Internal sales/buyer

+45 40 80 98 81

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Annie Rasmussen

Internal sales/rentals

+45 40 80 98 13

Technical department:

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Chris Sigvardsen

Technical Director, B.Sc. Technology, Management & Marine Engineering

+45 40 80 98 12

Rene Als-Frederiksen

Rene Als-Frederiksen

Head of Manufacturing

+45 40 80 98 85

Nicolai Gundahl Sørensen

Nicolai G. Sørensen

Project Manager, Structural engineer

+45 40 80 98 37

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Tom Juul

Project Manager

+45 40 80 98 14

Martin K. Schmidt

Martin K. Schmidt

Mechanical Engineer

+45 96 32 64 03

Lars Nicolajsen

Lars Nicolajsen

Mechanical Engineer

+45 40 80 98 66


Marianne Viken

Marianne Viken

Finance and HR manager

+45 96 32 64 83

Find us here:

DC-Supply A/S - Virkelyst 8 - 9400 Nørresundby
DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply
Virkelyst 8
9400 Nørresundby

We would like to hear from you

We work very closely with our customers, ensuring that they always receive a cost effective solution, matching there specific needs.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply designs and builds, sells and leases mobile container solutions for the civilian and military markets around the world. Furthermore we can supply a comprehensive range of locks, locking systems and other parts specifically designed for various container solutions. We cover everything – from standard containers to highly customised solutions primarily based on containers or agency products.

We focus on completely understanding our client’s individual challenges, so that we can put over 35 years’ of experience, know-how and a vast skill set to good use, collaborating with, finding and  delivering the optimal solution specifically designed for the client’s project and needs. The company consists of a strong, dedicated team of engineers, building technicians, draughtsmen, smiths, carpenters, and administrative workers. All working out of our own production workshop. Together we deliver a high level of technical know-how, superior workmanship, and unique customer service. We set high standards for quality management and meet quality certification ISO 9001:2015.

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Virkelyst 8, DK-9400 Nørresundby

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+45 70 23 13 80

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